Pushing Student Athletes Is One Thing, But What This Coach Did Is So Wrong

Some portion of being a competitor is pushing your body more remote than you thought conceivable, however one mentor took that thought and wound it way out of extent - and straight into the domain of mishandle.A Denver cheer coach, assistant cheer coach, high school principal, assistant principal, and Denver Public Schools Deputy Counsel have all been placed on leave after a disturbing video surfaced of one practice session. In his first year of coaching for the team, Ozell Williams was recorded forcing a girl into extended split positions while other cheerleaders held up her arms.

There are reportedly eight videos showing questionable training practices, and in the one below, a girl can be seen and heard screaming in pain and begging the coach to stop.

Police are right now researching the episode, however as per ClickOnDetroit, guardians of the team promoters have been whining to class heads and the mentor for a considerable length of time, and all things considered. No one ought to ever need to experience what that teenager endured.