Key Self-Defense for Vulnerable Women

Many years ago, long before I retired, I took up the Gentle Art of Judo, but my real passion had always been in the Art of Self-Defense. To be clear, Self-Defense is an Art and not just a random bag of tricks or individual techniques taken from other Martial Art D… Lire la suite

Martial Art Techniques to Avoid in a Conflict

W hy, after an extensive 4-week self-defense training under one of our top 4th Dan's in London, did I fail to defend myself against a true, simulated and unpredictable street attack by an aggressive commando at a commando judo club. A true simulated rush of a … Lire la suite

How Complimentary Are You?

We all love to be praised, complimented and appreciated for who we are, what we've done. It's a good feeling to be recognised, perhaps for our efforts, sacrifices and commitment. Being complimented helps us to relax, feel better about ourselves and manage … Lire la suite

Sleep and the Farmer

Many people in the farming industry regularly work from morning till night, every moment being filled with labour-intensive activity. Certain times of the year are especially busy due to seasonal or climatic demands. Then there are the pressing matters of changing… Lire la suite

Advanced Pranic Healing - wont to Treat Cancers

Pranic healing is a non-touch mode of energy healing developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. He formulated the theory and practice of using light energy to affect positive changes in the etheric or energy body. The details of how Pranic Healing can achieve a red… Lire la suite

Path to Peace and walking on air

The necessary parts to successfulness ought to incorporate the four components of the person. The mind, emotions, physical structure, and therefore the energy body or aura. the full being has to deliver the goods harmony between these four parts to realize continu… Lire la suite

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